Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm and Cruise Through the Baltics


Arrived in Copenhagen to much cooler weather than we are used to. We did see the sun one day for a about an hour. Toured the city by hop on hop off bus and a canal tour. Our hotel was directly across the street from Tivoli Gardens. It was established in 1843 and has a small foot print but is jammed with some very scary rides. It has become the Scandinavian Disneyland. It does have some very beautiful gardens with flowers that seemed to thrive in the Copenhagen climate. We saw a little rabbit rolling around the grass. It works like those robot floor cleaners that move about your house sweeping up dust. This thing seems to cut the grass.

It is a very expensive city to visit. It is socialism at its finest. Gas is $6.50+ per gallon. Burgers are in the $30 range and one place charged $5 for a small bottle of water.



Lance with his shopping cart at the grocery.


Another Colorful little house on water.



Hippies living on the canal.


Beautiful ships throughout the water ways.


Swan family where the young have not turned white yet.


Laundry is done!



Normal Mode of transportation for the citizens in Copenhagen. Gas is $6.50 a gallon.



Nyhavn’s colorful buildings.







The Red house is where Hans Christian Andersen


Little Mermaid still waiting for her Prince to come.


Some of The Faces of Cusco, Peru


Today was a walk around Cusco. It is a gateway to Machu Picchu.  It has a lot of charm with many restaurants, hostels and tourist information outlets.  Lance and I visited several museums about the history of the early Incas and Machu Picchu.  We even visited a Chocolate Factory and Museum.  We watched the beans come from the pod and tasted the coca from the bean.  Was not to tasty.  Then we watched the process and tasted the finish goods.  Yum!  Below are a few photos of the faces that we ran into today on our adventures of Cusco.

IMG_5648 (3)

If you look close you can see two baby Alpaccas


Off to a day in Cusco of museums and getting a look into the faces of Cusco…..

IMG_5650 (2)

IMG_5651 (2) IMG_5674 (2)

After exchanging a few smiles I got this photo of this young boy’s curiosity.

IMG_5656 IMG_5681 (2) IMG_5688 (2) IMG_5689 IMG_5691 IMG_5666

There are many Church’s


We are going into the door of the Chocolate Factory.  They pronounce the cocoa bean as a Coca bean.


We sat in one of those balcony’s to taste the Coca Tea.  To be honest I was afraid to sit with my entire body on the chair.  Afraid of heights and all I could think of is…when is the balcony so old as to fall.  Smile.


Arrived in Beijing


We arrived in Beijing the final leg of our trip to China. Our hotel is lovely. The Ritz Carlton in Beijing is a very nice hotel. We stayed at the Ritz East Tower with friends in Shanghai where they live, the Sofitel in Xi’an, the Sheraton in Chengdu and again the Ritz Carlton in Beijing. I can recommend all of them highly. The reason I say to stay in nice hotel’s while in China as it is risky in terms of illness in lesser hotels and restaurants. You can be relatively sure but not 100% even in nice hotels that the food is going to be safe. As it was Lance still got a little sick as of yesterday. It has put a little bit of a damper on things but not much. As we like to go inside the lifestyles of how the majority in China live, we have been pretty lucky that we haven’t been sick until now. We enjoy seeing the raw culture not just the business side. There are many ways to see China. If you just want to come and see the main attractions you can do that on Tours and cruises with side excursions short and sweet. You just have to know that you will see just what China wants you to see. We saw many tour groups today in the Forbidden City. There was nearly a million people there today. It is a holiday called “Mid Autumn. Morning cakes are a tradition of that holiday as pictured below. The hotel sent them to all of the rooms. They are made with different things in the center of the cake. You might even get a duck egg. Smile.

IMG_4894 IMG_4893 IMG_4892

Morning Cakes delivered to the room in celebration of their Holiday “Mid Autumn”


Lance has found his way to all the computer hook ups as you can see. We just have a hard time getting through all the blocks on their Internet connections. Even the VPN I purchased for use here keeps getting knocked down.


Skyline of Shanghai


Shanghai is 75 miles by 75 miles and wall to wall high rise buildings. The first photo shows the tallest building in Shanghai in process of being built. It is just left of center. The following photos will be taken from the top of the building on the left of the new building 88 floors up. The tallest building will be 124 floors high and will be the third to fourth tallest in the world. Having a fear of heights was something to look out and see window washers on the outside windows 1000’s of feet from the ground. Not a job I could handle. This city has been quite interesting to say the least. We are great full to live in the USA.

The following picture is from the 88th floor to try and show how big a city Shanghai really is. Enjoy the view through the smog……..


The river coming up from the bottom right and curving toward the It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. ….. BundAtNight. The Bund river.

Here are the Window washer’s. I zoomed in on them but from distance they are only the size of an ant.

OK, now can you see the little white dot toward the top of the bottle opener looking building?  That little white dot is the window washers.



Now on our way for dinner to Thai Food

DSC00022 DSC00026Ran into some ladies dancing in the streets so I joined in.