So Much Fun Packed In Two Weeks!

We have been so busy having fun with no time to spare posting on the blog.  So this is the final final packed with fun.  From our trip to Florida, Kennedy Space Center, back to Arizona with a final farewell.  In the heat of the fun a new band was formed called “Lance and the Laxits.”  I won’t tell you what Laxits stands for, you will have to investigate that one.  We had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Please click on video clips.

DSCF2884Before heading to Florida, we had a few things to do first.  A stop at my moms.  My mom was proud to show off her project of doll furniture she had made.20150713_132152We had the kids over for a barbecue to meet the cousins Wendy and Cherry.DSCF2807We are headed to Florida to have the cousins meet their cousin Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob.  My Aunt is having a party for them so her friends can all meet the three of us. Notice the flags on the tables.  They loved it.DSCF2935DSCF2944 DSCF2959 DSCF2956The Kennedy Space Center was well worth the trip.  We all went into the space simulator to experience what it felt like at lift off and the separation once in space.  Wow!  My cousin Wendy and I also went down the emergency slide simulator of the the Atlantis space shuttle check out the video clip of us going down.

DSCF302720150717_11424920150717_10330520150717_112620Ending our trip to Florida with Lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Brooksville, Florida with my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob. DSCF3019Once we arrived back in Arizona we resumed our continued big party of Coctails  turned into entertainment with Lance and the Laxits. The day before they left for home we had a reception for them with friends and my mother in turquoise. Don’t forget to watch the video clip at the end of them doing “Surf City USA.”  They are definitely characters and so proud to call them my family.IMG_8949 IMG_8957Here they are the Nuts that shook out of my family Tree.

Aussies Gone Wild

I had no idea when I shook that family tree that all these nuts would fall out!!  And for those who have asked about the bear.  I added a photo of cousin Wendy’s Mr. Bentley. Ginny, this is for you.  Mr. Bentley wanted to sit by the pool and have an umbrella drink. Taking it easy on his beach blanket in Tucson and reading the paper. The two videos show how our entertainment regressed after a few drinks.  The group is called, “Nutty Trio.”  Click on Aussies Gone Wild, the email post doesn’t seem to show the videos so click on Aussies Gone Wild and it will take you to the videos. Let me know if you see them by responding to the email but you don’t have to make a comment on the blog. I am not sure why they don’t come up in the email.  I have also been so busy I am way behind with posting.  But will get caught up.  It has been a wonderful visit.

IMG_8944 IMG_8948

Busy 4 days!

The cousins are trying to catch up with the jet lag of a 17 hour difference in time. We took it easy the next day.  We spent a day visiting with mom and doing a lot of talking and exchanging information about family.  All the missing information was now coming together with a lot of holes filled in.  It has been an amazing journey of exchanges.  We did have an extra guest who always travels with Wendy.  His name is Mr. Bentley the bear.  He has his own USA Immigration badge awarded to him on a previous trip.  We had a nice lunch with mom to end our visit.

In between shopping we had a full day at the Tucson Desert Museum.  It is a wonderful view of what goes on here in our desert.  From plant life and desert dwellers it was a fun and educational day that was so worth while.  Last night we ended the full day of shopping, laughing to our bellies ached. We had cocktails and Appetizers at the Ritz Carlton out on the Ignite patio.  A beautiful view of the canyon while listening to the Story Teller talking about the spirit of the Indian. When the story was told the flutist off in the distance played the Indian flute for 1/2 hour.  It was very spiritual and really showed the soul of Arizona.DSCF2667DSCF2679At lunch with Cherry, Wendy, mom, myself and Mr. Bentley the bear.IMG_1791IMG_8881DSCF2717Showing the cousins how Indians use to sew.  The Agave plant was used for sewing. Moccasins and dresses were made by using the tip of the Agave plant as a needle. Breaking it off at the end and then peeling it down to the base.  The length of the peel becomes the thread.  Very interesting.  This Agave had died and so I didn’t mind demonstrating its purpose.  It is also used to make Tequila.DSCF2749IMG_8907IMG_8905IMG_8888DSCF2783A trip to the local Ritz Carlton for Apps and cocktails.  A story by the story teller and the flutist up in the canyon.  A nice evening.IMG_1793Story tellerIf you look up in the rocks you can spot the Flutist he is in Red.IMG_1800

The Australian Cousins Are Here in Tucson!

We are delighted that our Australian cousins are here in Arizona for a visit. The Story is amazing of how we even found each other.  We are delighted to have them and hope they have a grand time here in our great USA.  The first photo the suspects were captured on a surveillance camera.  Thought that was pretty cool.  Then about 3 minutes of seeing them on camera they were coming down the escalator.  We decided to stop at a good Mexican Restaurant on 4th street in South Tucson for a late lunch and early dinner.  It was a long flight and didn’t know how long they were going to be able to stay up.  When we got home we went for a swim in the pool while Lance made Margarita’s in our new Margaritaville machine which were delicious and his recipe was restaurant quality.  Yum!  After that we had a dessert and off to be they went at 7:30 PM.  I don’t think they could have stayed awake any longer.  Welcome to Arizona!

Civil Rights and Martin Luther King

We went to the Lorainne Hotel where Martin Luther King was murdered.  They have turned the hotel into a museum.  The actual hotel room where King and a few friends stayed are untouched and remain as they did the day Martin Luther King was killed. Cigerettes still in the ash tray.  The museum is all about Civil rights.  It was a very interesting to walk through.  There was a needlepoint exhibit done by a women named Leanna L. Lesley.  DSC_0087DSC_0089DSC_0116 DSC_0105 DSC_0111 DSC_011311377166_970080403023777_976764381284780665_nBillie Holiday chair

Elvis and Graceland

I loved seeing all the interesting artifacts at Graceland and the personal photographs of Elvis’s family. If you are an Elvis fan definitely have to go.  The part of Graceland that was disappointing was that it was almost like a DisneyLand.  Very commercial and very marketed. Viewing all the records, awards, clothing and family’s home was enjoyable.  Here are a few photos to give you a idea.IMG_1719IMG_1720IMG_1728 IMG_1729 IMG_1730 IMG_1726 IMG_1724 DSC_0082Picture of Elvis, his mother Gladys and father Verne.  Elvis’s mother was 46 when she died and Elvis was 42.DSC_0079 DSC_0077The following room used to display a lot of the awards and artifacts was a indoor racquetball court behind the home. DSC_0047 DSC_0046 DSC_0045 Untitled

The family is buried at Graceland.  Elvis had a twin by the name of Jesse born and died the day of birth.  His headstone along with Elvis, his mother Gladys, his father Verne and his grandmother Minnie Mae.   It turns out that Elvis’s grandmother lived longer then all of them. She was 89 and died in 1980.IMG_1761

A Visit to Hermitage

Hermitage is the home of Andrew Jackson, President of the United States in 1828.  He was the 7th President.  Before he became President he moved into his home in 1820 along with his wife Rachel Jackson. Property is 350 Acres of beauty.  At the end of the day we headed to a popular spot called The Bluebird Cafe.DSC_0007DSC_0021DSC_0044Andrew Jackson’s memorial.  He is buried there with one of his slaves Alfred. Alfred was born at Hermitage into slavery and died there.  Andrew Jackson called him.  Uncle Alfred.DSC_0026IMG_20150616_180511In front of the Grand Ole OpryDSC_0082We were surprised that the Blue Bird Cafe was so small and in a small strip mall store front.  It is a lot bigger on the inside.  Those women sitting on the ground at 2:15 PM are waiting for the 25 first come first serve tables that open at 5:00 PM.