Another Adventure to Greece, Israel and Ireland

Lance and I arrived in Athens last night. Athens is the oldest European city with a history of more than 4,000 years.  It is the birthplace of Democracy, Philosophy, Theater, Music and Poetry and there is not better way than walking to discover this glorious city and its monuments. We took a hop on and hop off bus to get a view of the city. We got off to take quite a hike up the big mountain to look over the Acropolis.  The buildings were built 2000 to 2500 years ago.  A couple of years ago a fellow artist sent some pictures of paintings done all over the world that would be considered I guess street paintings.  One was an Owl done on a corner in a intersection in Athens, Greece.  Two years later I am here and now on the hunt for that intersection.  A cab driver was taking us to the address we had of where it was located.  He had not seen it but introduced us to few more he new about and were quite famous in Athens.  I think he had as much fun as we did.

After viewing the Acropolis we headed for a badly needed lunch.  Had to try a Greek salad in Greece.


Here I am.  It was a very cool street painting.

Painting of Plato

The Hands

The name of this is “Crisis!”  Depicting their money crisis for the last eight years and still not over.

Day at Sea and wedding at night

We had a sea day planned because of the distance between Lithuania and the German port of Warnemunde is quite far.  We met some people the day we arrived in St Petersburg and spent a little time with them at the nightly shows.  Turns out they were celebrating their 40th anniversary and she had a surprise for him.  She had it set up with the Captain and crew that they would re-new their vows.  The cruise director and the Captain did the honors and Lance gave the best man’s toast.  Pam was the maid of honor and official photographer.  Their Butler, Ronny, gave the bride away.  Our Butler Mishra was also involved doing the champagne honors.  Crystal coordinated the whole thing.  I have no idea who was steering the ship because all the crew was in attendance.  We arrived in port early today.  Very cute little port town with lots of people out on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  We also went to Rostock that is a very cute University town about 8 miles away. The University is the 3rd oldest in Germany founded in 1419.  Tonight is our last night on the ship as we head home tomorrow morning.  Looking forward to getting home and seeing the pups.

Getting ready to go Celebrate in the Polo Grill.

This renewing of Vows certainly made this cruise memorable. Don and Barbara are from Miami, Florida.

Day 6, 7 and 8

Day 6 was a stop in Helsinki.  It is a nice little town that held the 1952 Olympics.  Today the town is so small and the Olympics are so big that there is no way that they could hold an event like that now.  We passed by the Olympic stadium but it was closed for renovation.   The streets are very narrow and the bus had trouble getting by the parked cars. Cute little port town.

Day 7 was a washout.  We were going to dock in Riga, Latvia  but with 12 ft swells and 40 knot winds it was to dangerous to dock the ship.  So instead we had a day at sea on our way to Klaipeda, Lithuania and got there 5 hours earlier than originally intended.  We had a full day here and will be leaving at 8:00 PM on our Warnemunde, Germany.  Day 9 is a day cruising the Baltic.  The weather on this trip has not been the best with very little sun shinning through the heavy clouds.  The good news is that we have had little rain so we have been able to see everything we were interested in seeing.  Klaipeda is a small shipping port on the coast of Lithuania.  The thing we continued to hear about was the fried bread covered with cheese and garlic.  We were able to find a shop that had it on the menu and gave it a try.  It was very good and the fries were also good.  We saw a very interesting thing on our way to town.  A video is attached for your viewing.  A bit of an archaic way to move the bridge but effective.


Watch this Video Clip of the turning of the bridge so boats could go by.



Who do we think we are???? All Aboard!

We arrived at the ship at noon for our Oceania Cruise, smaller ship with 685 people aboard. Our room is spectacular, but should I say it is more like a condo. It has two bathrooms, living room with a stocked bar of our choice. I will share it as I myself have always been curious at what these rooms looked like so I will give a tour of the very nice room called the Owner’s Suite. Our view is the back the boat with a very large deck. The boat sailed at 5:00 PM and we were off to our first stop which is Tallinn, Estonia.


One Day in Stockholm

Today was a tour of Stockholm. The most impressive thing to see in Stockholm is the VASA museum. It was a ship that was built between 1626 – 1628 and sunk on the first voyage not far from where it was launched. 31 people died as the ship listed to the side and trapped these sailors beneath the top deck. Some were trapped by the canons having shifted as the ship listed to its’ side pinning the sailors. The cold water of the Baltic Sea preserved many of the bodies. They raised the ship in 1961 after locating it in the late 1950’s. They did an incredible job reconstructing the vessel and put it back into it’s original shape. They built a museum around it and today is the number one attraction in Stockholm.

We visited the old town that has lots of shops and restaurants. Lots of very unique items of art and clothing souvenirs. Tomorrow we join the cruise to the other Baltic countries. Stockholm like Copenhagen is very expensive. Another example of socialism at its’ finest.

If you click on the photos they will come up with explanation.


Berlin Sights

The following photos are just interesting sights in Berlin such as Check Point Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust memorial and several other sights. Love Berlin. Lance and I both agreed that we would come back. We had a perfect spot in town staying at the Marriott Hotel. Food is great.  Packing up to leave tomorrow and heading for Stockholm.



Capitol Bear which is painted differently throughout the city.


Hop On Hop off bus tour of the city.

[caption id="attachment_2446" align="alignnone" width="3024"]IMG_8475 Time for a little shopping.


Area set up to emulate a beach for the Military during the cold war that were stationed in Berlin.


Beach set up near Check Point Charlie. Set up for the Military to feel that they were on the beach.



TV tower.



Neptune Fountain.


Brandenburg Gate


Hollocaust Memorial



Hollocaust Memorial.


I’m peeking out from the maze of concrete boxes which serve as a memorial for the Jews that died under the Hitler regime.

[caption id="attachment_2470" align="alignnone" width="3024"]IMG_8521 A church left with the scars of World War II


Hop on Hop off buss tour.

[caption id="attachment_2426" align="alignnone" width="3024"]IMG_8435 Check Point Charlie


Check Point Charlie