Land of Port Wine in Beautiful Porto

We arrived in Porto by train and taxied to a fabulous apartment in the center of town.  Our landlord gave us the name of a great local restaurant where the food was very good and inexpensive.  We hired a guide to take us to the Duoro  Valley where they have all the Port wineries.  It is quite a drive from Porto but with stops along the way to sample the local culture broke up the trip.  We arrived at the Quinta do Portal which has the Ferriera and Portal brands.  They have a five star restaurant that prepared the best meal we had in Portugal.   We went down the hill from our apartment to the Duoro River a straight downhill walk that is quite easy.  On the way back up hill Lance almost died.  He recovered and found a Tapas restaurant in town not far from out apartment that had a combo Celtic/Portuguese theme.  Check out the picture of Pam in the costume.  With our trip nearly over we rode the train back to Lisbon and stayed close to the airport.  Tomorrow we make our way back to the USA thru Barcelona, Paris and Detroit before arriving in Phoenix.  It is sure fun to go on vacation but we are looking forward to getting home.

A Gallery of Photos of Porto.  The color in the city was beautiful as well as some fun Graffiti.  Posting some photos of the city while walking as well as a view of the shoreline buildings from inside a boat on the river.

We thought Lance wasn’t going to make it going uphill which was straight up.  You can see him resting on the curb to get his bearings back.  We managed to make it back and he found a great restaurant for Tapas.  It was a Celtic Portugese Tapas restaurant and it was a great meal. The restaurant created a Celtic warrior and her name was Pam.



4 thoughts on “Land of Port Wine in Beautiful Porto

  1. What wonderful photos! The colors and textures of the landscape are fabulous and the architecture so interesting. I think I see some future paintings from these pics, Pam. Do you?

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