Lisbon and Portugal’s European Soccer Win

The cruise is over and we arrived in Lisbon.  Our friends from Chicago, Bruce and Laurie Hendrickson, met us in Lisbon.  Laurie is a long time friend since the fourth grade.  We have traveled a lot together over the years.  My Aussie cousins were also staying a night in Lisbon before heading on to the second leg of their vacation to Ireland.  We met for lunch right across from our rented apartment.  We had a great lunch and everyone was able to meet one another over lunch of Sardines and Paella.

Portugal was all excited to be playing in the European Soccer title 2016 final against France.  We watch the game and out our window we could see and hear the excitement. When the game was finally over and Portugal had won, it was bedlam in the town.   I have a video of the moment they won. I have a video that shows the man sitting in the chair who had just been hugging the wall crying still feeling the emotion.  Lisbon was wild with excitement and so much noise of horns honking and people screaming all over the city.

We had arranged for a private tour to Sintra and the Pena Palace which was King Ferdinand’s summer palace.  It is believed that King Ferdinand was part of the Rosicrucian schools. He thought if the schools represented Art, Science and Religion, that he would be the King for all humanity.  The entrance was like going through a large keyhole.  Above the keyhole were three flowers which signified Art, Science and Religion.  After visiting the Palace we walked around Sintra to check out the Cork handbags and have a pastry and Cappuccino at a little place called Lord Byron’s before heading back to our apartment. On the drive back to Lisbon our guide took us to the farthest west point on the European continent.  We drove along the ocean and passed through Cascais, a beautiful city only the coast about 20 minutes west of Lisbon.


First day in Lisbon with my cousins John and Cherry Tiffney and friends from Chicago Bruce and Laurie Hendrickson.  Laurie and I grew up in the same neighborhood and have been like sisters since.  Good Times.


5 thoughts on “Lisbon and Portugal’s European Soccer Win

  1. Such fun – love it that you are with your cousins and long time friends – doesn’t get a lot better than that!

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