Cruising to The Seventh Continent!

The Internet aboard our Oceania ship was not very good so I am combining the 8 day cruise highlights. The ship was beautiful and our ports were interesting. Of course the reason for the cruise was the Itinerary of a port stop in Casablanca bringing us to stepping down on to the 7th continent. Bucket List item checked off. In order not to bore everyone with every meal we ate and every event we saw I have tried to reduce the photos and just post them for viewing with some explanations. It is best to click on the title in the email which will bring you to the actual web site which is much better for viewing. Having my cousin from Australia on the trip was a total surprise and was purely coincidental. What a great surprise so we spent a lot of time drinking and eating in the many bars and restaurants aboard. Bon Voyage!l


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our last night on the cruise we spent with my cousins John and Cherry Tiffney.  We had a lovely last meal on the ship and a wonderful time was had by all.



6 thoughts on “Cruising to The Seventh Continent!

  1. So Cool! Thanks for sharing! Save trip home! So neat you ran into cousins… Your paths were meant to cross again… Special!

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