Four Days in Barcelona, Spain

Lance and I have spent a very nice four days in Barcelona.  So much to see and so little time.  There are so many museums, art and great restaurants you just can’t do it all in 4 days.  Some of the highlights of this fine city revolves around Antonio Gaudi a famous Architect. The Sagarda Familia Catholic Church being the most popular sight.  After seeing some of his whimsical buildings that are sprinkled throughout the city you might start to wonder if the word “Gaudy,” actually started with Gaudi’s designs. The erroneous explanation is that the term comes from the name of the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926), whose architecture some believe today is gaudy. This suggestion can be discounted by virtue of the fact that gaudy dates back to the 16th century.”  Another interesting place we went was Palau De La Musica which also had a whimsical architectural feel and at first I thought it to be a Gaudi design but it was actually done by another well known architect Lluis Domenech Montaner.  It was designed not for Opera but for Choir and has since been used for many musical venues. The acoustics are like no other and there is a short video of the organs playing inside.  We finished today with the Picasso Art Museum and our last of several plates of Spanish Paella.  Tomorrow we meet up with the cruise ship to head on to reach Lance’s goal of standing on the seventh Continent.  A very last minute surprise was learning that my Australian Cousin and her husband who we have only known for a few years is going to be on the same ship and same deck.  It is a total coincidence.


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Palau De La Musica



8 thoughts on “Four Days in Barcelona, Spain

  1. Can’t believe your Australian cousins are on the same ship! Fabulous! Did you see the big cathedral in Barcelona? It was under repair when we were there.

    • Yes, the email for the blog doesn’t tell the story. You have to click on Heidinger happenings. The heading and it will take you to the explanation and photos. Click on the slideshow and other photos and video.

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