Dinner At Downton Abbey

Dinner at Desert Downton Abbey!


Just arrived Lord and Lady Heidinger AA

Lord and Lady Hareland.  Lord Hareland can be a naughty boy now and then.B

Lord and Lady Nielsen


Lord and lady Fratt
















Host/Hostess Lord and Lady BarrettD

Lord and Lady Heidinger settling in for an enjoyable evening and gourmet meal.F

Feel free to click on any of the photos and they will come up in a larger form. Then you can click the arrows to look at them.   We had a violinist, Joanna Parks from the Tucson Symphony Orchestra played during the cocktail hour in the Drawing room.  Lovely music.  I am sure you can find naughty Lord Hareland after a few nips of wine and song.

From the Hors d’Oeuvres to the after dinner Port.  This was a meal that was on the grand scale. You can see the menu and just know that each one of these plates pushed the Gourmet cooks skills up a notch.

Thank you Will and Ginny for all the special attention to detail.  The place settings and silver were all measured so they were the equal distance of each place setting.  The name tags were a beautiful little detail. It was a lovely table setting. The violinist played beautifully. Let’s not forget that we were served by Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson.  There were special Downton Abbey wines- Bordeaux Blanc and Bordeaux Claret.  Thank you to each couple who did a marvelous job on their fine culinary dish designated by Lady Barrett.  Very well done.  A toast to you!





10 thoughts on “Dinner At Downton Abbey

  1. OK Pam, that’s it. I am moving and joining your dinner group. You guys absolutely win for BEST dinner group ever! You all look fantastic and I bet you all had a grand time! All we have eaten the past few days is matzah. Yuck!!!!

    From: Heidinger Happenings <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: Heidinger Happenings <comment+7hbywdt49lai-3h54ebiti-@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 10:37 PM To: Faye Waldman <faye@thewaldmanfamily.com> Subject: [New post] Dinner At Downton Abbey

    Lance and Pam Heidinger posted: “Dinner at Desert Downton Abbey! Just arrived Lord and Lady Heidinger Lord and Lady Hareland. Lord Hareland can be a naughty boy now and then. Lord and Lady Nielsen Lord and lady Fratt . &nbsp”

    • Well Faye, come on down. We actually had a surprise for Will and Ginny the host. She is also the one I learned to paint from. As a surprise to Ginny and Will we had an old 1929 Model A or T can’t remember lined up to drive each couple up the driveway and call Ginny and Will from the car to go look out off their patio. We could have all had our photos taken with the car behind us but the guy flaked out a week prior. DANG!

    • We are crazy eh? Ha Ha…We do have fun with this Gourmet group. With all the one upmanship I think we will be hiring a chartered jet next time to take everyone to Nashville. Too funny. I may quit before it is my turn next. Way over the top. Ha Ha.

  2. Wow! What a fabulous affair! Looks like so much fun and so much attention to detail! You all kook stunning. PS. Next you need a photographer call Carl. He won’t flake out on you.


    • Liz, the guy who flaked out was the car. We had an 1929 Model T or A to drive each couple up the driveway and surprise Will and Ginny. Then we thought he or Val and her husband could take the photos with the car in the background. He flaked.

  3. All I can say is awesome!!!!!!! What a beautiful group of people. Your great great grandchildren wil be amazed when they see these pictures in years to come!!!!
    THanks for sharing.
    Linda and Jerry Bich

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