So Much Fun Packed In Two Weeks!

We have been so busy having fun with no time to spare posting on the blog.  So this is the final final packed with fun.  From our trip to Florida, Kennedy Space Center, back to Arizona with a final farewell.  In the heat of the fun a new band was formed called “Lance and the Laxits.”  I won’t tell you what Laxits stands for, you will have to investigate that one.  We had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Please click on video clips.

DSCF2884Before heading to Florida, we had a few things to do first.  A stop at my moms.  My mom was proud to show off her project of doll furniture she had made.20150713_132152We had the kids over for a barbecue to meet the cousins Wendy and Cherry.DSCF2807We are headed to Florida to have the cousins meet their cousin Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob.  My Aunt is having a party for them so her friends can all meet the three of us. Notice the flags on the tables.  They loved it.DSCF2935DSCF2944 DSCF2959 DSCF2956The Kennedy Space Center was well worth the trip.  We all went into the space simulator to experience what it felt like at lift off and the separation once in space.  Wow!  My cousin Wendy and I also went down the emergency slide simulator of the the Atlantis space shuttle check out the video clip of us going down.

DSCF302720150717_11424920150717_10330520150717_112620Ending our trip to Florida with Lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Brooksville, Florida with my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob. DSCF3019Once we arrived back in Arizona we resumed our continued big party of Coctails  turned into entertainment with Lance and the Laxits. The day before they left for home we had a reception for them with friends and my mother in turquoise. Don’t forget to watch the video clip at the end of them doing “Surf City USA.”  They are definitely characters and so proud to call them my family.IMG_8949 IMG_8957Here they are the Nuts that shook out of my family Tree.

16 thoughts on “So Much Fun Packed In Two Weeks!

  1. What fun cousins you have!! You are the hostess with the mostest, Pam!! I was so pleased to be invited to meet Wendy, Cherry and your mother!!

    • Cathy, did you see the three video clips of Lance and the Laxit’s on piano, Wendy and I down the shuttles emergency slide and the girls singing “Surf City?” I don’t think they show up on the email as a video. But if you click on the first photo it will take to the Website which is better viewing I think. Glad you came and they are so much fun. Makes you feel like a kid again. Hugs Pam

  2. Great synopsis of the whole visit. A wonderful reunion of our new found family along with memories to cherish for a long time. Keep in touch and let me know about Lance’s exam. Love, Auntie

    • It was great! Did you see the video clips of Lance on Piano with the Laxits? There were three video clips. Lance at the piano, Wendy and I going down the Emergency slide and the girls singing. You have to click on the first one and it will take you to the actual webpage which is better viewing. Back from the doctor. Will email later on regular email. It is not great but it isn’t bad either if that makes any sense.

      • Laurie, thanks. They are so much fun. Did you get a chance to see the three videos? The first if you click on it is Lance and the Laxits. Laxits is a Australian laxitive. Ha Ha..they came up with the name. Then there is a clip of Wendy and I coming down the emergency Atlantas Shuttle slide. The last clip is Wend and Cherry singing Surf City from the Beach Boys. Too funny.

    • I hope you watched the videos. I bought the extra video package but on my email they didn’t look like videos so don’t know if you would know to click on them. Did you see Lance and the Laxits playing Jerry Lee Louis? They are so fun.

  3. What a great time. Mom said they enjoyed your visit so much. Mom loves her new found family. Hope they had a safe and uneventful trip home. Thank you, Pam for getting them together with Mom and Dad.

    • It was my pleasure and gave me an opportunity to spend time with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob. We missed you and I just know you would love these two. There is more like them in Australia. They couldn’t be nicer or any more fun than they are. Love Pam

  4. The Nuts Have Landed! Hi Ace, it’s 5am here and can you believe it… I am up and dressed and about to go up to my studio to create another masterpiece (what a joke)! I’m guessing that it’s Thursday for you now, and you have Lancie’s doctor’s appointment. Tell him I’m thinking of him. And also, when we were in the carpark after our lunch the other day, and he showed us his previous surgery, I made a comment….something like ‘oh, it’s quite small’.Now, I didn’t mean that it was insignificant, I just said that to make him feel better.Give him a big ‘Wensie’ hug…. you two are in my thoughts. I found a little bit about Henry G.Moore and will follow it up.1940 Census Henry G.Moore Birth: about 1886 (actually 1884) Residence 1935 H M S Santa Inez – I think this is a ship, the Hamburg South America Line Residence New York, NY. Also, going through my old notes and newspaper copies, I found that Herbert Moore died after Henry (Harry), as Henry wasn’t mentioned in the newspaper article on his death. That was on June 10 1966. Only Joseph (ie Cecil) and Austin were noted as brothers. So Henry died on or before this date. Merely saying ‘thanks’ just doesn’t seem to cut it, but I feel really privileged to have you all as kinfolk.You really are something very special. ok, over and out……copy that Ace, love Wensie

    Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 14:26:25 +0000 To:

    • Hey Navvy! I see you made it home flying missing man formation. That is good. Thanks for being our relatives. Couldn’t be a nicer or more fun than you are. Yes, you are my little bunch of nuts covered in milk chocolate. I could just eat you all up. Ha …Will send you an email later with the latest news on Lancie. Not great but not bad if that makes sense. Enjoyed having you. Love Ace.

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