Aussies Gone Wild

I had no idea when I shook that family tree that all these nuts would fall out!!  And for those who have asked about the bear.  I added a photo of cousin Wendy’s Mr. Bentley. Ginny, this is for you.  Mr. Bentley wanted to sit by the pool and have an umbrella drink. Taking it easy on his beach blanket in Tucson and reading the paper. The two videos show how our entertainment regressed after a few drinks.  The group is called, “Nutty Trio.”  Click on Aussies Gone Wild, the email post doesn’t seem to show the videos so click on Aussies Gone Wild and it will take you to the videos. Let me know if you see them by responding to the email but you don’t have to make a comment on the blog. I am not sure why they don’t come up in the email.  I have also been so busy I am way behind with posting.  But will get caught up.  It has been a wonderful visit.

IMG_8944 IMG_8948

8 thoughts on “Aussies Gone Wild

  1. Hi Pam,

    Pleased to read you guys are all having a great time. We have just had our grandchildren over from Perth for 5 days and are completely worn out but we also had fun with them. Tell the girls not to be in a hurry to return home as it has been very cold over the past week.

    We are waiting on the arrival of an old school friend of Colin’s who he has not seen for 50 years. They are travelling north in there caravan from Melbourne and plan to stay with us for a few days. The good news is we will not need to take them to the fun parks. Instead we will probably enjoy a few glasses of wire, more to our liking.

    Enjoy your time together.

    Love Trish and Col >

    • Did you see the last post with Lance on the Piano. Click on the first photo and it will take you to the blog. You have to see it. Oh and me going down the Atlantas emergency shuttle slide. In a golf skirt no less.

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