A Visit to Hermitage

Hermitage is the home of Andrew Jackson, President of the United States in 1828.  He was the 7th President.  Before he became President he moved into his home in 1820 along with his wife Rachel Jackson. Property is 350 Acres of beauty.  At the end of the day we headed to a popular spot called The Bluebird Cafe.DSC_0007DSC_0021DSC_0044Andrew Jackson’s memorial.  He is buried there with one of his slaves Alfred. Alfred was born at Hermitage into slavery and died there.  Andrew Jackson called him.  Uncle Alfred.DSC_0026IMG_20150616_180511In front of the Grand Ole OpryDSC_0082We were surprised that the Blue Bird Cafe was so small and in a small strip mall store front.  It is a lot bigger on the inside.  Those women sitting on the ground at 2:15 PM are waiting for the 25 first come first serve tables that open at 5:00 PM.


3 thoughts on “A Visit to Hermitage

    • Ginny, the couple who I introduced in the first post is Bruce and Laurie Hendrickson. They live in Chicago. Laurie and I have been friends since 4th grade and is like a sister. Laurie, lived with my family the last year of high school as my parents got guardianship over her. Given her bad childhood, she educated herself and has two masters degrees and has done well. She contributes this to living with my mom and dad. We haven’t traveled together for 8 years and we are having so much fun. We use to travel every year. They are not retired yet so there you go.

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