Last day of Art Retreat

What a great week of art lessons. We finished two paintings in 5 days. Fay and I spent our last evening having dinner on the beach with artist Kathleen Carillon. We had a fun evening discussing the week and a little bit of women chat after a drink or two. Tomorrow we will pack up and head home. This is a photo of my finished second whimsical landscape and our host Kathleen, Andy and Isabella.







11 thoughts on “Last day of Art Retreat

  1. Very appealing, nice and free, but do you think this free flowing eye catching color style is your cup of tea? I hope you had an awesome week, not only with your art, but also with your friends. One thing is for sure your leaning the art of speeding up your work, keep it up.

    Kindest regards from down-under


    • Thanks Susan, It was so fun to learn. You should give it a try. I am thinking of doing a whimsical desert landscape with Saguaros. Remember Faye Waldman? She was there with me. She is painting now and just started a year ago. Anyone can do it. A great pass time when it is too cold and rainy to do anything else. Maybe we will check out Bend and see if they have a art retreat and we can all hook up. Pam

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