Off To Puerto Vallarta! Another Art Retreat

I am off to another art retreat only this time it will be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  I will be attending the Kathleen Carrillo, House of Wind and Fire.  I am going with a long time friend Faye Waldman from Encino Hills, California.  Faye just started painting again a couple of years ago and is loving it as I do.  Puerto Vallarta is one of her favorite places to go and I have never been, so it will be a new experience for me.  I have added a video clip advertisement of this particular art trip done by Kathleen Carrillo for anyone interested in doing this in the future.  We will be doing landscapes with a interesting take with some fun curves in the landscapes.   The photo is our first painting we will do. The second photo is the artist perception of that photo.  So this ought to give you an idea of what we will be up against.  We will be in Puerto Vallarta February 1 thru 8.  I hope I will finish a painting or two.  Stay tuned!




19 thoughts on “Off To Puerto Vallarta! Another Art Retreat

    • Ginny, as you could tell by the photos of our first project and Kathleen’s expression of how she interpreted the photo looks entirely different. It will be fun. Really it is all about spending some good girl time with a friend. Smile. Pam

  1. OK…..more snow tonight…Ugh. Inspired me to paint the
    same picture in white….”not”! Have a wonderful time, I am
    pee-green with envy.

  2. dear Pam,

    I’m sure that the seaside area & classes will boots & spark the creative juices that Pam already has. but will fine tune what skills she possesses! Please send lots of photos of your classes, and classroom environment. Pam I hope you really have a great time. You are already a fine artist!

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