A France Reunion Five Months Later

The Budding artist had a reunion of our art retreat in France back in June. It was a lovely evening at Kit Thayer’s lovely home. Everyone brought a dish that we were served at the retreat. We all had the cookbook with all the recipes that we had in Saint Severin d’Estissac. It was a fun evening reliving our great time together in a little town outside of Bordeaux, France. We finished off the evening with a show and tell of each budding artist (what we call ourselves) of a painting that we did during our stay on the little farm.


Roland and Cappy Von Stroh


Mike and Robin Allen



Mike and Roberta Bixby

Our Host Ty and Kit Thayer

Our Host Ty and Kit Thayer


(Our French Chef)  Norbert (Nubs) and Carol Fratt



Lance and Pam Heidinger




Will and Ginny Barrett



The 8 “Buddig Artist”

IMG_8413 IMG_8417 IMG_8421 IMG_8424 IMG_8423 IMG_8418 IMG_8422 IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0259 IMG_0250 IMG_0260 IMG_8429 IMG_8445 IMG_8440 IMG_8450 IMG_8448 IMG_8447 IMG_8451 IMG_8444 IMG_8442 IMG_8439 IMG_8435 IMG_8427 IMG_8443 IMG_8458 IMG_8456 IMG_8455 IMG_8454 IMG_8453 IMG_8462 IMG_8431 IMG_8430 IMG_8457

3 thoughts on “A France Reunion Five Months Later

  1. Hi Pam, I really like these photos and I guess you produced a painting too and Len would’ve showed you some of his work. The earlier ones I like better than the sunburnt colors of his more recent ones that he could ‘knock out’ in 10 minutes, he said. Don’t think I’d be telling anyone that…… Am in Denver and the temp has dropped and light flakes are falling. We were walking in the Botanical Gardens through the special Chihuly exhibition when the front came in (supposed to be 2pm but was 10am). The busloads of school kids in t-shirts were shivering! Fantastic works of glass…… Sister Polly has given the Family Tree Wheel to my CA sis, Lynne, who is doing the Civil War links in our family. I have some Cram info in OR and will be there late this week. Our James Cram was a railway man (wife Amanda had Mary and another daughter, the trio that came to SW Iowa in the 1880s). Polly found one James Cram in the Civil War and he’s the right age for ours. It’s in my mind that James is buried in NE Iowa. He may’ve been in a railway accident and buried there, who knows. Amanda, James’ wife may have been a widow even. So what relation are Beatrice and Stephen Lowell to you? We have some 1860 Ohio Census paperwork for James M Cram: his brother Stephen was born in 1848 or 1850 in Ohio and James was born in 1843 in Ohio – their parents Daniel (born in New Hampshire 1814) and Mary nee Blackman (born in Mass 1830 & dies 1899). In the 1870 Illinois Census, we find James Cram, railroad hand, aged 28 so born in 1942/43 in Ohio, and Amanda nee Evertson, aged 30 so born in 1840 in Ohio, also daughter Lona May (her sister was our Mary Amanda – my Great Gran, born in 1872), aged 2 so born in 1868. Lona May died a child in SW Iowa, where mother Amanda brought the girls when she moved to housekeep for a widowed farmer with 7 children living( out of 14 so no wonder his first wife died, poor soul!). Amanda married him and had another 5 kids. My dad knew some of those first 7 the ones that Amanda and the farmer produced. So here is some info to go on. If you can email any birth/death info of your Cram descendents, also any details Sue gave you in Australia. I must pin her down myself, Pam. Look forward to your CRAM comments. The cool change blew into Denver 4 hours early. We were in the Botanical Gardens in warm weather enjoying the current Chihuly Glass exhibition. Oh boy, the wind picked up and the clouds came. It was so quick! Snowflakes began about noon and are now accumulating on the leaves. After Europe’s Indian Summer, I’ve hit winter in USA with a BRRRRRRR. Cheerio! Barb

    • Hi Barb! You are going to get some snow I know for sure. It is going to be cold. Let’s talk about Cram stuff on my email address: ChateauCtn@aol.com. I use this just as my blog about travel and such. Thanks for all this good info. I will save it. I am thinking that maybe the Steven you mentioned may be Steven Lowell Cram. I’m not sure. Beatrice Cram is Steven Lowell Cram’s daughter. Beatrice is my great grandmother. Anyway, use the email address for family stuff. Enjoy your stay in Colorado! Pam

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