Australian Wine Country…Hunter Valley

We arrived at cousin Trish and her husband Colin’s vacation Condo in Hunter Valley. We spent the afternoon visiting and drinking wine.  Trish fixed a delicious dinner and we had more wine.  I think it was the prelude before heading out for wine tasting the next day.  They live in Hunter Valley which is full of vineyards much like Napa, California.  Very pretty area.  We are going to meet up with some more Crams at lunch at the Light House on the coast. There we met cousin Bob Cram, his wife Mora and daughter-in-law Anna.  The views of the vineyards and Coast were a very nice back drops for just sitting around enjoying visiting with family. We returned to the resort to have cocktails. After cocktails we grabbed a couple of golf carts and searching for wildlife.  We saw Kangaroo’s and interesting golf holes with a small vineyard you had to fly off the tee box.  UGH!  We finished the day with dinner at their club house.  We will get up tomorrow and head back to Sydney to the Hotel Marriott.  We will spend our last day in Sydney before boarding our plane back to America.  Tomorrow Wendy and John Mied are driving up to spend our last day in Sydney together.

 Lance successfully navigated 1500 Kms on the wrong side of the road.
IMG_8344 IMG_8346
IMG_8350 IMG_8357 IMG_8359 IMG_8364
IMG_8366 IMG_8368

6 thoughts on “Australian Wine Country…Hunter Valley

    • LOL, I did have my share. I’m glad I didn’t drink before going down in the mine. I did after and it didn’t stop my legs from killing me for the next 3 days from climbing back up that ladder. Yikes!
      Our last day in Sydney and we fly home tonight. I am looking forward to it though. So many great memories. Now I am sure the Aussies will be a steady stream of visitors to America.

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