Scenic World in the Blue Mountains

I know I have many photos of the wild birds that come in so close in the mornings.  I would sit out on the back patio having coffee in the morning and watching the wild parrots eating out of Wendy’s bird feeders.  The birds around their home are beautiful.

We spent a great afternoon at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains. These mountains are uniquely Australian. They are blue due to the gum trees producing a vapor that hangs over the foliage giving it a blue look.  A range of spectacular views and vantage points and walks; many are largely free access. The Skyway, hangs 270 meters above the ground and the Railway is the steepest in the world. All are new and modern facilities that are very exciting.  After spending the day at Blue Mountains we stopped at the Carrington Hotel for coctails before heading back to Wendy and John’s.
IMG_7935 IMG_7944 IMG_7945
IMG_7954 IMG_7956 IMG_7960 IMG_7966
The difference in color of the white sand stone and the black on the right in because it is a shelf hanging for a straight drop of 1000’s of feet.  It is like standing on a white shelve over the grand canyon.
IMG_7967 IMG_7971
Mountain of Three Sisters
IMG_7977 IMG_7979 IMG_7980
IMG_7986 IMG_7995
These are wild Kangaroo’s.  We pulled off the road to look at them.  You see them hoping across the medow.  They are like deer here in America.

3 thoughts on “Scenic World in the Blue Mountains

  1. Those are wild birds??? WOW!! and the Blue Mountains look amazing!!!! Definitely something to add to our Austrailia list of what to see.

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