Meeting Family for the first time in Australia

We waited in the lobby of the hotel for our cousins to pick us up.  It was a beautiful moment. During our first two day we had so much in common even down to having the same shoes in every color.  We have spent two days meeting our cousins and their children.  First night we all got together for a taste of seafood of Australia.  We sampled Sydney Rock Oysters, prawns and a form of lobster referred to as bugs.  Fabulous.  We were all together at dinner the first night.  Cherry’s two sons Craig and his wife Jody, son Dave and his wife Sabrina.  The two grand kids Hanna and Paige, dogs Riley and Zara.  It was a great evening of telling stories and learning about one another.  The second day we went with Cherry and husband John on a tour of their town and up the coast.  We stopped in a town and walked along the streets of many shops and cafes.  We stopped to see the blow hole and then and lunch and headed back to Cherry’s home.  We had some cooking to do for tomorrows meeting with Cherry’s sister Wendy, and other relatives for a lunch.  We are planning to do a three way Skype between my mother in Arizona, Aunt Barbara in Florida and first cousin Gordon Moore in Australia.  These three are first cousins and never new about each other.  They are 85, 86 and 92.  Can’t wait. 
Meeting Cherry for the first time at the Hotel.  
Cherry put on a fabulous taste of Australian seafood.  The shell fish above is called bugs.  It is a smaller version of a lobster.  Very good.
IMG_7850 IMG_7849
I even tried the Sydney Rock Oysters which are a favorite among the Aussies.
This one is for my mom.  I thought you would get a kick out of this town.
In case you can’t quite make out this photo, it is my cousin and I with our feet together.
Our taste in tennis shoes were even the same.  We both have these shoes in multiple colors.  There are so much we have in common it is very strange but wonderful at the same time.

13 thoughts on “Meeting Family for the first time in Australia

  1. What a wonderful reception from a Australian Family Member. Loved the picture. First time in my life I wish the time would just fly by. Cant wait See you then. Love to all.

    • Mom, it is so amazing meeting all these wonderful relatives. They are so much like us and so much fun. You would love them. Gordon just loved seeing you and Aunt Barbara. He couldn’t believe the computer and seeing you as well as talking to you. He wished he had know about you earlier. Heading to Lightning Ridge tomorrow in search of the Opal bug.

  2. How fun to meet your cousins for the first time.  Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.  I love that you and your cousin have the same shoes.

    We saw a lot of the same sights that you have seen when we were in Australia last February.  Wonderful city!!!

    Can’t wait to see you when you get home.



  3. Pam, this is fabulous! So happy for you! Enjoy the bugs. They are delicious. You are there at the right time of year. This is when they are in season.

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