Beautiful Day at Sydney Harbor

         Our first day in Sydney the weather was beautiful.  We discovered the “Hop on Hop off Ferry,”  and sailed on the Harbor of Sydney stopping at every cove in the Harbor.  The harbor was filled with sail boats and they were racing.  We saw people walking the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge which seemed pretty dangerous to us.  We sailed right by the front of the famous Opera House that stands out from all others.  The harbor and skyline was breath taking as you can see from the pictures.  Lance and I got off the boat in many stops on the harbor but we couldn’t resist the Taronga Zoo.  We had a up close encounter with a Koala who just didn’t want to cooperate. She was sound asleep with her paw on Lances shirt. I didn’t know that a Koala sleeps 22 hours a day.  We enjoyed the little bit of time we had with Molly the Koala.  We hit all the shopping near our hotel on the harbor. We finished the day with a dinner at Nick’s Seafood in the Darlington Harbor and headed back to the Hotel for the night.  Our room at the Marriott has a view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the lights are great to look at when the sun goes down.  We look forward to another day in Sydney on the Harbor tomorrow.
One of many of the skylines in the harbor.     IMG_7731
Sydney Harbors unique building in the background.
IMG_7726 IMG_7721 IMG_7713
This brave lizard jump onto the side walk in front of us.  He was a big fellow and we were wondering if he had escaped from a cage somewhere.  He was posing for the camera.
Molly is sound asleep and blowing on her nose did not wake her.
IMG_7772 IMG_7770
Taking a break from the Koalas for a drink and relax over looking the harbor.

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Day at Sydney Harbor

  1. Boy does this bring back memories! I’ve been there twice and would go back in a heartbeat! In fact, I would live there if I could!

  2. You know Pamela Jean, you are getting pretty good at this blog thing. You could do some travel magazine writing. You might find another artistic outlet my friend. 🙂 ❤

    • Thanks Ginny! The weather and harbor is beautiful and so so clean. Lance and I spent the day walking all over town. We went to several art museums and took a tour of the Opera house which was well worth the money. Tomorrow I will meet the first of my 4 cousins. Can’t wait!

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