We are heading to Australia and to the Black Opal Fields in Lightning Ridge!

We are on our way to Australia by way of Hawaii.  We are spending a couple of days celebrating the 90th birthday of Kenny Omoto, a good friend of Lance’s for over 40 years.  Once we arrive in Sydney we are taking a couple of days acclimating to the time change and going to Featherdale Wildlife Park to see the Koalas and other animals indigenous to Australia.  The main reason for our trip to Australia is to meet and visit with several cousins that Pam has, that until a year ago, she had no idea they existed.  It’s a long story but the short version is, her maternal grandfather came to the US from Australia in the early part of the 1900s with his mother and siblings except one that was left behind.  The one left behind, Cecil, was only 12 years old at the time but eventually had a family and somehow late last year visibility of their existence surfaced.  Pam’s mother and Aunt have a first cousin still living outside of Sydney, the son of the boy left behind. His name is Gordon Moore and he has two daughters Cherry and Wendy that are Pam’s age.   Another cousin Len Cram is the world’s foremost authority on Black Opals.  We will be visiting Lightning Ridge where the Black Opals originate and where Len makes his home.  Len is a cousin from Pam’s great grandmother Beatrice Cram side of the family.   Len is going to take us down into an Opal mine to look for the Opal bug.   Len has several siblings that we are going to also spend some time getting to know.  Len’s sister Trish and her husband Colin and his brother Ron are on our itinerary.

18 thoughts on “We are heading to Australia and to the Black Opal Fields in Lightning Ridge!

    • Thanks Ginny, we are so excited for this trip. It is going to be special. I am in search of that black opal. Will take a picture of it if I find one. If I don’t find one you may still see a photo of one I will bring home.

  1. Well, you long awaited and anticipated trip to Australia has begun! I hope it just wonderful!!
    If you see my sister in Perth, Sydney or Brisbane please say hi as she and her daughters and son-in-laws are visiting their Aussie relatives.

    • Marilyn, how are you doing??? This is an amazing story and so many twist and turns of common activities between us. One being my son years ago buying a share in an opal mine for a hobby and him always asking about relatives in Australia because of the black opal. Then to find out that one of the cousins Len Cram (google him) is the worlds authority on opals was hair raising. It should be a fun trip.

  2. Hi Pam,
    What an exciting story! It is like from “Who Do You Think You Are” TV program… You will enjoy Australia. It is a beautiful country. Tim & I visited couple of times. And I have a beautiful set of opal necklace & ear rings from there. I started first with black opal but then fell in love with a crystal colored one that shines like there are millions of stars in them. Also in Turkey there is a belief that black opal brings bad luck… 🙂 It is a silly belief! Enjoy yourselves and absorb the beauty and get to know your newly-found relatives.. One thing you must do when in Australia for me is eat the Tasmanian oysters. They are the most delicious ones ever…

    • Thanks Gulbun, One of my cousins home is right on the Tasmanian Bay. Beach is her back yard. I will definitely mention those Tasmanian oysters. I will let you know. I am definitely coming home with an opal or 2. I am hoping to find them myself otherwise I will purchase a nice specimen before I leave. I was at the gem show recently in Tucson and they had many opal people from around the world. I ask them if they heard of Len and they all knew of him or has met him. They all had such respect for Len. He is a very sensitive man and religious. He eats everything raw. I look forward to my time with him.

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