Long lasting memories of a Budding Artist

Made it home!  What a memory filled week at St-Severin d’Estissac in the Dordogne .  It was truly better than I had imagined.  We have all had times that we took the word of a website that was over advertised and under sold.  This was just the opposite.  A great environment for anyone who wants to try their hand at being an artist.  From never painting before to every level of experience.  It was most welcoming, the food was excellent and the wine plentiful. Sally Reed who cooked so many wonderful dishes also had a cookbook with many of the recipes that she cooked for us.  We were all pleased to purchase her book.  We were all eager to bring the cookbook home so we may continue to enjoy her food.  Some have already tried to cook some of the meals once they arrived home. On another note, I will never leave Lance home by himself for two weeks.  While the cat was away the mouse bought a Porsche Turbo Carrera.


I have received many emails asking to see what we painted while in France.  For me it was a learning experience learning to paint with a palette knife and a 3 foot long pole to get more of impressionist form of art.  It means making a subject just a suggestion rather than trying to make it look like the photograph.  Also, several of you mentioned you didn’t see many photos of me.  It is hard to get pictures of yourself when you are the one taking the photos.  So I have taken a few of the photos from the others who were also taking photos.   I tried to compile a little of both to wrap up my art trip to France and I hope you enjoy!   On our last night we held a art show with champagne and aperitifs. The owners of the farm house wanted to have a last night celebration and see what we all had been doing all week.  On our last night Ainsley and Sally asked if we would sing for them our national  anthem.  We were happy to sing for them even though we may have been a little off key.  It will be loaded onto Youtube along with another song that Cappy and I made an entrance with one evening.  I will post the Youtube link once it has been uploaded.

On the gallery of photos if you click on a photo it will enlarge and become a slide show just need to click the arrow on the right.  Please take a peek at or fun video clips and all the artwork.  One of the video clips is of us singing the National Anthem and while we are not perfect singers we didn’t lack the spirit within.

4 thoughts on “Long lasting memories of a Budding Artist

  1. Great job, looks like you all had a good time, Lance might have just had a little better time. Good job everyone!!!

    • Faye, it was so much fun. It was like being in a little Shangra La. Sort of like being at your house. LOL Thanks for the magazine. I saw it when I got home. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I am trying to wrap up everything to do with this trip and move forward. Will talk soon.

  2. Hi, nice write up…one quick correction…you credited Roberta with my painting of the Vieux Chateau…it’s of an old building in Soursac.

    don’t leave Lance for a month…he might sell the house and buy the Ritz!

    Sent from my iPad


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