St. Severin d’Estissac Art Class in Dordogne

Still trying to catch up with the blog.  Every day is packed with hours of art and breaks to get lunch and get right back to class.  When class is over for the day we have a little down time in order to either go for a walk, continue working on paintings or take a nap. At about 7:00 PM we all get together for wine and aperitifs.  We talk and laugh about all the painting that we did that day and the hard lessons learned.  Always a fabulous dinner afterwards.  The owners of the home and studio are doing a wonderful job.  Ainsley and Sally take care of anything to do with accommodations and food and their son Steven is in charge of the art class.  The family works in perfect harmony to provide us with everything you could possibly need.  It is a charming setting with flowers everywhere and old world style old farm house.  I have included some photos showing where we are staying, art studio, photos with the gals and food that we are eating which is a lot different than I am use to.   Learning how to paint with pallet knives, Gesso, gel and varnish. Will post some of the art later.



Cappy alone in the art studio.

IMG_7469We sit out her for wine and aperitifs.IMG_7468 IMG_7482

Our host Ainsley is dying to serve us all our favorite wines.  It is a gift that keeps on giving!IMG_7480


OK so I really went outside my box when it came time to eat the one quail egg and bread.

IMG_7479 IMG_7478

Dinner was a fun time to share what went on in the day.  Had many laughs and decided that what goes on in France stays in France.

IMG_7476 art8 art4

Started with prosciutto and melon.  The melon is so sweet.

art2 Art1 IMG_7520IMG_7516 IMG_7515

This is a little house I am painting.  It has chickens in the doorway,IMG_7514

This was the bag of empty bottle Ainsley the owner was throwing away,

IMG_7512 IMG_7511IMG_7509

Sally is preparing breakfast for all of us in her lovely French kitchen.

IMG_7507 IMG_7499

This is where our rooms are and they are so cute.


Our artist hard at work.  I am very slow.  I am trying to get away from detail and it is so hard for me.  We are all learning new techniques.

IMG_7488 IMG_7487

I guess it is time to eat again.



9 thoughts on “St. Severin d’Estissac Art Class in Dordogne

  1. Looks like a great place Pammie… so wondering how did the quail egg taste?? /Waaay out of my comfort zone too… you know that texture thing we have talked about… Can’t wait to see your
    paintings!! Cheers!!

  2. Looks like a fabulous time. France is my very
    Favorite place to visit. I look forward to getting together
    And hearing all about your experience and seeing
    Your art. Diane

  3. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Dear Girls,Thanks for the pictures, glad you are having so much fun.  Not sure about the quail eggs!JJ 

  4. thanks for your e-mail. I wish all of you ladies a WONDERFUL trip, and lots of great FUN!!!! We are on a cruise headed for Berlin, part of the destination includes a bus ride. We are traveling with Meridith and Rob Schrader. We’re having a GREAT time. love Linda


    • Linda, have a great time on your cruise. It sounds exciting. You will have to tell me all about it when you come back. We just got home. We had a long time getting home due to delays in the airports. We are home now and in need of some rest. Great trip! Talk soon. Hugs Pam

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