Fin Del Mundo

This is to wrap up the Antarctica as an amazing journey. Our Internet was so intermittent that we couldn’t finish our posting to the blog and waited until now to close.   No shopping and no restaurants.  An expedition with a twist of comfort aboard the SilverSea Explorer.  We enjoyed our travels as you can see. I had to keep the video at a modest length so I removed much of my recordings but in order to due it justice it needed to be this long.   I think you’ll get an idea of how amazing the trip was and get an idea of what it is like to travel to the Antarctica.  I do hope you will enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Fin Del Mundo

  1. there is nothing quite like seeing wildlife spontaneously and on their own turf. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I enjoyed following along.

  2. Pam — that was AWESOME…. I watched the entire video — loved the music and all the penguin noises — so well done. You should be very proud of yourself! (Don’t know whether I would ever do a video, but it was so beautiful….and you’ll have it forever!)

    thanks for sharing!!!

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