Antarctica Days 4 and 5


Day 4 and 5

The Silver Explorer arrived at Cuverville Island  at 9:00 this morning with snow falling so we took the opportunity to watch a movie.  The Last Vegas kept our  interest for a couple of hours.  Then after lunch we traveled to Neko Harbour which was our second landing on the mainland.  It rained most of the afternoon but we went out to see a colony of Gentoo Penguins and got real close to them as they walked up and down the mountain.  Pam took the trail up the hill and walk around the cluster of the penguin colony.  It was raining hard but it did not affect us because the temperature was about 35 degrees F. and we were dressed for it.  We have not experienced real cold temperatures yet.  We usually only were 2 layers of clothing.  Our SilverSea  parkas are very effective in keeping us warm and dry.  Back on the boat and sailing to our next destination called for a goose so the butler brought some new fresh ice and a new bottle of Grey Goose. 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of the world’s fresh water is in the Antarctica.

Internet connectivity in the Antarctica has been intermittent.  As we are behind a couple days I will post photos from day 4 and 5.  Upon returning home we will do a summary of the final voyage through the Antarctic with interesting videos.  We went yesterday Port Lockroy, an old British Military Operation and Whaling station.  Very cute with a little museum and a little post office at the bottom of the world.  A few photos not in order but running out of Internet time.  Photo of the last hike and truly amazing day.

IMG_6737 IMG_6690 IMG_6689 IMG_6679 IMG_6676 IMG_6675 IMG_6652 IMG_6639 IMG_6614 IMG_6613 IMG_6608 IMG_6605 IMG_6542 IMG_6541 IMG_6536 IMG_6523

9 thoughts on “Antarctica Days 4 and 5

  1. Your photos are wonderful! My students are in the process of creating weather “zines” on a geographic location of their choice. Several students chose Antarctica, so I am going to share your photos with them.

    • Thanks Laurie, I am honored that you are going to share them with the students. Super! I have so many I didn’t want to bore everyone but it was such an interesting trip. I never thought I would do such hikes. I couldn’t get myself to do the Polar Splash on the last day and I wanted to so much. I just couldn’t muster the courage. I still think I smell Penguins. UGH! I have a short video I am going to put together and post from the Antarctic. I will do a separate for Peru. They were both such different trips that it is almost impossible to put them in the same video. Thanks again for taking an interest.

  2. Dear Pam and Lance,
    This is beyond awesome!!! We’re so happy everything has gone so well. You two look fantastic!!!!
    Thanks over and over for sharing this with us.
    Linda and Jerry
    PS no golf coarses????

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