Faces and Sounds from Sacred Valley in Peru……

We had a little glitch leaving Peru but we are back on track.  Our flight was canceled do to a bad storm in Buenos Aires.  From the air coming in we saw a lot of flooding but we made it after 27 hours in the airport.  I am just going to leave you with some sounds of the flute players, Llamas, Alpacas, women and children of Peru.

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10 thoughts on “Faces and Sounds from Sacred Valley in Peru……

  1. Great !!! Pam, when you get back to Arizona, go work for an airline and see how enjoyable air travel “really” can be!!!
    Gregg – A Flight Attendant!

    • Can you imagine being a flight attendant and having to deal with people that have been stuck in the airport for 27 hours and then just get told 5 minutes before they are finally going to get out of dodge that the flight was again delayed even a half hour. Ha Ha..In Lima Peru they were stomping feet and claping hands to show protest. UGH! We are on the Explorer now heading to the ice mass of the Antarctica. Yippee! Watch the news maybe you will see Lance and I dangling from ropes being rescued from the ice.

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