Machu Picchu Amazing!

I have tried to think of what to say about Machu Picchu.  After much thought there is no words that I can write that can describe just how amazing it is.  To see it and actually be walking through it was way beyond my expectations.  I  had a feeling come over me that if we went to Machu Picchu with some sort of illness, when we left we would be cured. Really was amazing.  As you can imagine I took many photos and won’t bore you with the 145 including video clips.  I  will try and show you the photos that were of most interest. Oh,  maybe a photo or two of us showing that we were actually there.  The bus ride up to the ruins was a ride of terror. It was Disney’s Thunder Mountain 10 times over.  Raining and narrow roads with no guard rails. The train ride was great.  Lance and I hired a tour guide at the entrance to Machu Picchu and Gloria was so knowledgeable.  She took us on a few routes that aren’t widely known.   We hiked an old Inca trail.  It is quite a stress test walking up to the guard house from the entrance.  If you can make it to the top your heart is in good shape.  What a view.  If anyone ever wants to take the trip we have lots of information on the how’s and who’s.
First before I show off Machu Picchu look at this mountain.  It is straight up and you might see three little white what look like lines in the center of the mountain.  Look until you find them. I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This was while we were waiting for the train to take us up to the Inca ruins called Machu Picchu.
This is what those white lines are.  Hotel rooms for Mountain Climbers.  How would you like to spend even one night there.  It is only $400 a night.  What?????
Our hike up to Machu Picchu was breathtaking.  The mountain that is shaped like a rounded triangle is called “Happy Mountain.”  This is looking down from an edge on our way up.
We made it to the guard house.  Highest point of Machu Picchu.  Yippee!
 Looking at Happy Mountain through a window of the Guard House.
IMG_5760 (2)
Spectacular view from the guard house.IMG_5783
What is interesting about these rocks that fit together so perfectly except for the right side.  The stones moved due to movement in the ground.  Stones that were cut to fit together this nice usually represented a higher status like that of a temple. The less perfect stones was considered quality for a lesser status of the population of Incas.
Another exacple of the rocks fitting to match.  Another room of a temple.
Sundial made by the Incas
All the terracing at the side of the mountain is for growing food.
These were individual rooms where they stored the food after it was grown and harvested.
IMG_5802 (2)
Some of the inhabitants of Machu Picchu.  Many Llamas live around the grounds and often seen grazing in what they refer to as the Plaza.
IMG_5799 (2) IMG_5796
This would be the Plaza.  Large open spaces where they could hold gatherings and competitions of many different events.
Our guide Gloria was pointing out the small head and white collar of the Condor in stone.  She was telling us the following photos are rocks shaped like the Condor’s wings , the little head with the color in white stone.
You can see the big V in the stone with the wings on either side.IMG_5776 (2)
Chinchilla of Peru a endangered species.  Looked like a Rabbit with a long tail.
IMG_5759 (3)
It was a trully amazing day and trip to Machu Picchu we will not forget.

16 thoughts on “Machu Picchu Amazing!

  1. Wow! Thank you for taking the hike for me. I’m not sure I could do that trek and I know I couldn’t stay in one of those “side hill hotels”

  2. WOWEE — amazing….and I certainly would NEVER stay in one of those hillside “hotels”….I hope you had a HUGE dinner after all that strenuous hiking. Congrats to both of you….and thank you for the fabulous photos!!

  3. Keep them coming. Lovely photos, everyone with their own story. Wait until you start climbing up ladders out of opal mines, then you will really know that you own a pair of calve muscles.

    Keep enjoying every day


  4. Pam and Lance,
    Do you think you’d need a wake up call from one of those hotel rooms? Thanks for sharing, the pictures are fabulous.
    Love Linda

    • Those little hotels are pretty interesting. Ha Ha…We are stranded right now in Lima. We have been at the airport all day. They now have cancelled our flight to Buenos Aires. They were taking us to a hotel tonight and bring us back at 1:30AM. We said we will just stay in the business lounge and stay put. So stay tuned. Hope we get to Buenos Aires in time to get on the boat.

      • Soooo sorry to hear about the flight cancellation! Hang in there. Hopefully you will be in B.A. very soon so you can enjoy the rest of this wonderful trip of a lifetime!!!

      • Thanks Karen, after 27 hours we have made it to Buenos Aires which was so important as we needed to be here to catch our chartered flight to Ushuaia Monday morning. We put a few extra days in to our schedule for just something like this and now we are happy we did. With a $35K investment to get to the Antarctica it would have been so sad to have missed it. Stay tuned!

      • Pam, We’ve had company, so I missed a few days. Hope all is well and you are on track with your schedule? Love Linda


      • Pam and Lance, Getting your e-mails and hearing all about your trip is awesome, it feels like we are traveling with you. We wish you wonderful experience’s and safe travel. Your friend, Linda and Jerry


    • Cathy, it rained on and off that day. The sun did too. It wasn’t cold though. At times it was 80 degrees. Under the ponchos it was like a green house. Ha ha…We are in Drakes passage at the moment and it is relatively calm.

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