March With The Penguins!

Lance coming in and scaring the dogs....grrrrr
Lance coming in and scaring the dogs….grrrrr
We are on our way to the Antarctica by way of Machu Picchu Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We thought that while we were going to South America to meet the Silver Explorer in Ushuaia, why not stop to see the Inca ruins in Machu Picchu.  We can check off a couple of bucket list items in one trip.  Our cruise to “March with the Penguins” is a real expedition.  The Silver Explorer is a small ship designed to go places that larger vessels can’t.  We will take Zodiac boats to the Antarctica land and ice masses.  Recent events down in Antarctica make us a little nervous about the trip.  In December Antarctica broke the record as the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth at -135 degrees.  On Christmas day the Russian ship got stuck in the ice.  The other nervousness comes from the fact that the ship needs to transit through Drake Passage.  The Passage has some of the roughest seas in the world.  Come along for the ride.  You will get a real up close look at our life experiences with wildlife and expedition through ice in the Antarctica.  We leave February 1, 2014.

25 thoughts on “March With The Penguins!

  1. How exciting look forward to the pictures! I think that’s as close to Antarctica as I want to come to -135° is not for me

    • Thanks Karen! We are a bit nervous but very excited. This is truly an expedition. There will be 3 scientist one for each fitness level. I think we may be the oldest people on the boat. The boat holds 135. Hopefully, you won’t read about us needing a rescue. Ha Ha.

  2. You are going to have the best time. One of our favorite trips. Drake Passage was only a little rough one night, but nothing to worry about. Getting stuck would only add to the adventure. It is amazing!

  3. I went to Antarctica on the National Geographic Explorer with my two brothers in 2000.You are in store for a great treat. Wait till you see the stars! Have a wonderful trip. Marilyn

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  4. I was just thinking about you two and thinking you are leaving in three days! Have fun. Keep us posted and stay warm!!
    Cathy and Jack

    • Thanks Cathy and Jack. We will be warm in South America but I rather doubt we will feel any warmth in the Antarctica. Maybe when we are under the covers. Ha Ha.. I’m sure you will have a few laughes watching us struggle in the ice. Smile.

  5. Hey Pam and Lance,

    You’re going to love your trip. Ushuaia reminded Mary and I of what we think a rugged Alaskan town might look like. We never made it to Machu Pichu but Mary’s son did and he loved it. Be careful of the altitude-take it slow. All in all, you are facing a terrific adventure. Have a great trip.

    Mary and Gary

    • Thanks Gary and Mary….I am sure it will be an interesting trip. I have a friend who is a doctor in Brazil and she has repeated over and over to drink some sort of Coco bean tea for the high Altitude. They will offer it to us on the plane and when we get to the hotel. You are suppose to drink a lot of it. I have to read up on it. I’m sure you will get a kick out of us strugling in the ice. Ha Ha. Love you both…thanks.

    • Yeah..he is scary all right. We will see how brave he is going through Drake Passage. As soon as the dogs saw him they went crazy. Of course when I turned around to see what the racket was and saw him standing there I just laughed. Ha ha.

    • Thanks Ed. I hope we don’t get stuck in the ice. I have been meaning to call and catch up. Hope all is well. You are welcome to go in and look at our China trip and see the video clips with the Panda. We are leaving this morning.

  6. You are living out your days in a pretty special way. I know how blessed you and Lance feel, and thank you for taking me along with you both. 🙂 hugs

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