A Day with the Panda’s

A Panda named Oreo

A day spent with the Panda’s at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Preserve.  Here is a delightful video clip of “Kool and The Gang.”


Another video clip of 2 minutes spent with Oreo




2 thoughts on “A Day with the Panda’s

  1. Hi Pam and Lance,   You sure captured the essence of the Pandas and their bamboo. I liked the comment you made about Lance reaching for some French fries. It sounded as though Lance got a kick out of them too. It’s hard not to just love them and hug them. So it was especially great that you did get to get close and hug Oreo. As much as Lance would disagree, I think he would have enjoyed the hug too.   I also saw Charlie at his best (if that’s what you want to call it). He sure loves that Opera. But I think you would agree he’s a great guide.   Take care!!   Love, GR

    >________________________________ > From: Heidinger Happenings >To: robertsge@yahoo.com >Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2013 3:13 PM >Subject: [New post] A Day with the Panda’s > > WordPress.com >Lance and Pam Heidinger posted: “Panda Bear Breeding Preserve at snack time. This Panda’s name is Oreo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp8DiHlJpUo” >

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