Tainamin Square

Outside China, the square is best known in recent memory as the focal point of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, a pro-democracy movement which ended on 4 June 1989 with the declaration of martial law in Beijing by the government and the death of several hundred or possibly thousands of civilians.

Because it was a holiday in China the square was filled with people and lines forming all around the square to get in to view Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. The Hall pictured below is in site from Tiananmen Square. There were nearly a million people there today. We couldn’t believe how many people were lined up for as far as you could see to honor him. Anyway, it was so very interesting to actually be there and see where this all took place.

IMG_4956Military guard

IMG_4950Tainanmen Square memorial for the protestors who died protesting for democracy


The people of China love Chairman Mao.  The older people don’t talk about him. The younger people believe that Mao brought China up to be a more modern prosperous China.  They don’t know how many of their own people he murdered during a well planned out murder called “The Great Famine.”


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