Arrived in Beijing

We arrived in Beijing the final leg of our trip to China. Our hotel is lovely. The Ritz Carlton in Beijing is a very nice hotel. We stayed at the Ritz East Tower with friends in Shanghai where they live, the Sofitel in Xi’an, the Sheraton in Chengdu and again the Ritz Carlton in Beijing. I can recommend all of them highly. The reason I say to stay in nice hotel’s while in China as it is risky in terms of illness in lesser hotels and restaurants. You can be relatively sure but not 100% even in nice hotels that the food is going to be safe. As it was Lance still got a little sick as of yesterday. It has put a little bit of a damper on things but not much. As we like to go inside the lifestyles of how the majority in China live, we have been pretty lucky that we haven’t been sick until now. We enjoy seeing the raw culture not just the business side. There are many ways to see China. If you just want to come and see the main attractions you can do that on Tours and cruises with side excursions short and sweet. You just have to know that you will see just what China wants you to see. We saw many tour groups today in the Forbidden City. There was nearly a million people there today. It is a holiday called “Mid Autumn. Morning cakes are a tradition of that holiday as pictured below. The hotel sent them to all of the rooms. They are made with different things in the center of the cake. You might even get a duck egg. Smile.

IMG_4894 IMG_4893 IMG_4892

Morning Cakes delivered to the room in celebration of their Holiday “Mid Autumn”


Lance has found his way to all the computer hook ups as you can see. We just have a hard time getting through all the blocks on their Internet connections. Even the VPN I purchased for use here keeps getting knocked down.


3 thoughts on “Arrived in Beijing

  1. Pam, thank you for taking the time to share with us all these fascinating sights and knowledge you have learned. safe travels!!! Linda

  2. That is why I gave you the list of Expat doctors in Hong Kong.
    Taken more than one tourist friend to the doctor after coming
    out of China. If your local you have built up a resistance. Get
    better Lance.
    Love the pictures ~ Parker’s

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