Chengdu life in the city market place!

Last day in Chengdu we decided to go into the inner city to see what we could find. I recommend highly that everyone thinking of visiting China to actually stay in a 4 or 5 star Hotel for safety reasons. There is a stark contrast to the hotels and shopping malls from the city. The hotels and malls appear to be clean where is everything else is filthy. Lance and I asked about good restaurants and we were told about Dan Dan Noodles. A most famous and pop O lor restaurant to go to. I love the way they say popular. The following pictures shows the little hole in the wall but they were right. It was excellent and right up our alley.

IMG_4848 IMG_4846 IMG_4844 IMG_4843

The waiter in the following photo was so enamoured with us as American’s he sat at a table next to us and watched us the whole time trying to get in conversation. Very cute.


The wires outside the buildings are so dangerous. During bad weather they fall down and people get zapped. Bye bye.

All outdoor eating places. Don’t try.


A women cleaning chili peppers on the sidewalk.


This is considered a very nice market to people living here. I did not take photos of some things as I couldn’t stand looking at the subjects long enough to get one. I left the bag of live frogs and live squiggly black water snakes out. Also, the fish were in such small spaces they had to lay upside down in order to breath their water. I am an animal lover of any kind and just couldn’t watch it. So I stuck with the veggies and fly coated meats hanging in the market instead.



This was just eggs. Eggs of every kind. Quail, duck, chicken whatever you can think of. You can see a few of them open so you can see inside.

IMG_4862 IMG_4861

There are tongues, liver, just fat, pig snouts, and pigs feet.


Now….on our way to Beijing! Our final leg of our journey.

4 thoughts on “Chengdu life in the city market place!

  1. While in Xian we saw a dentist pulling teeth on the street. He had his table and instruments lined up with the dust of the road all around. Most peow don’t have refrigeration so they shop everyday. Your pictures have been just great. Your descriptions bring back many memories.

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