Chinese Opera at Sichuan Theater

Sichuan Theater Opera and saw “Changing Face’s.” It was a humorous and serious love story all at the same time. It was a huge dose of Chinese culture that came with the sounds, music and fabulous costumes of the Chinese. I believe it is a must do while in China. You can see it in Chengdu. I wasn’t able to take photos inside the theater but these are from online and is exactly what I saw. I think you can probably see “Changing Face’s” anywhere you go in China if you visit a large city.

Sichuan opera

Sichuan Opera Show Chengdusichuan-opera.jpg

Sichuan Opera Chengdu China

Sichuan Opera Theater

3 thoughts on “Chinese Opera at Sichuan Theater

  1. I understand what you mean about the good, bad, and ugly about China. We had a similar perspective when we where there. Do include me in your email describing your observations. Have a great rest of your trip!

  2. Thrilled you are sharing so many fabulous details of the trip! Troy and I look forward to the entire lowdown when you get home and we return to AZ. Seems like an amazing experience! When we were in Asia in’95 for our honeymoon I felt the same way you do “the good the bad and the ugly”. Where the good was though, it was so beautiful! That is what I remember most!
    Hope you have continued safe travels and awesome memories!

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