Terracotta Warriors

Qin shihaung’s terra-cotta warrior sand horses were not recorded in the Chinese historical books. They disappeared when the Quin Dynasty was overthrown, but were discovered by an accident in 1974. Four farmers were digging a well in a small village and came across some pottery pieces and bronze arrowheads. Hence the Terra-cotta warriors were discovered. When the emperor died it is said that 8,000 terra-cotta warriors were buried with him to protect him in the afterlife. Everyone has a different expression/face.

They are trying to piece the broken ones together. Truly huge task. The following photos is some being worked on. Whole warriors and pieces that they hope to piece back together.  It was truly amazing to walk in and see this.

IMG_4659IMG_4663 IMG_4664IMG_4686


IMG_4702 IMG_4700

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