Shanghai Farewell

Leaving Shanghai for our next leg of our journey to Xi’an. The last day in Shanghai was the only day I did not take my camera. We had a few errands to pick up a few things. It was a good thing we didn’t bring our camera. We went to a huge pearl market where I picked up a Xi Pao I had made. A Xi Pao means Mandarin native dress. When we went to leave, the worst thunder and lightning storm hit. We stood at the door to leave for an hour before we decided to make a run for it. We could not catch a cab as they didn’t want to drive in it and we were about three blocks from the Metro. We headed out with thunder and flashes of light all around us. As we were walking the flooding began and by the time we got to the metro I was walking in water higher than my knees. You have no idea what is in the water. Was a bit worried. But we made it home and was able to get into some dry clothes. This was one of many experiences we had in Shanghai….

Mary and Gary were wonderful host and made our trip to China so memorable. We will never forget their generosity of having us for as long as they did and their time even while Mary had to work. We loved our time with you both and meeting Minnie and Natasha. Mary had asked me about a year before we came if I would do a painting for her of the Watertown in Zhouzhaung. This was the painting and I was so happy to hand carry it all the way to China. I hope your painting will remind you also of the fun times we all shared in Watertown at the “Green Dragon Bridge.” Now on to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors!

Oracle in Zhouzhuang JPG IMG_4566

5 thoughts on “Shanghai Farewell

  1. Pam… sounds like a great time to have your giant Rubba Slippers available!! Storm drains not working so well in the city center!!??
    Have a great rest of your journey!!

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