Watertown sights and lunch

I thought the Starbuck coffee lover’s would like to see this. The lanterns on either side of this building says Starbucks in Chinese letters. This is what it looks like outside of the city limits. This is in the town of Zhouzhaung and doesn’t look anything like a starbucks. Now we are out of Shanghai for the day visiting the Watertown of Zhouzhaung.


This is a man outside of his home which was the size of a laundry room. He is making things out of leaves to make money to feed his family. The bugs were very interesting. He made larger items like rabbits, snakes and scorpions. They were actually very good. But it also shows that the Chinese people on the outside of Shanghai live a much different life.

IMG_4445 IMG_4446

We stopped in a little upstairs restaurant that had only a few tables. As you will see there is no way that we would have been able to order if we didn’t have Minnie and Natasha with us. We gave strick rules in the ordering of lunch. No bugs, nothing that moved, nothing with head and feet still attached. So after putting their heads together they ordered. It was a true Chinese lunch. Not sure how good it was. When you see the menu you will see how we would have been in trouble when it came time to order.

IMG_4501 IMG_4504


This is how our dishes came. All wrapped up in paper. Everything is so contaminated that they have to send the dishes out to be cleaned and wrapped. So you get your own set of dishes to unwrap.



DSC00043Minnie was truly a valuable asset to our travels. This would be the hardest country to get around in if we hadn’t learned from our friends and Minnie. Outside of the big cities no one speaks much English.  So this day of having Minnie and Natasha made the day in Watertown so enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Watertown sights and lunch

  1. I haven’t been to the interior of China but have been to Macau and Hong Kong so got a bit of a look years ago but found the people fascinating!

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