Watertown here we come!!

Our friends rented a large van to take us all to Watertown to find my “Green Dragon Bridge.” It was about a 1 1/2 hour trip. We had the pleasure of having Minnie join us and was our language teacher and interpreter for the day. Natasha sitting next to Minnie in the front was another friend from the US Department of State. She spoke Chinese as well. Mary and Gary were in the back of the bus and together we all had a great day in Watertown of Zhouzhaung.

WatertownE DSC00034

We finally are here in Watertown. A very old city on water. It was so charming. Little secret gardens throughout the water ways. There are 12 bridges and I was very excited to find the one I painted for my friends here in Shanghai. There are restaurants and stores to buy things that are true to China. Dogs and animals in the streets.



Now that we are here we are boarding a boat to go look for a special 1 of 12 bridges.  Its name is “The Green Dragon Bridge.”

DSC00062DSC00059 IMG_4480 DSC00087 IMG_4478


We are wrapping up our cherished time with our friends in Shanghai and getting packed and ready for our next journey to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors. We are truly in for a adventure just getting there. I hope you will stay tuned to an over view at the end about the things I have learned about China that most people never see or hear of in the US. But for now we are enjoying the ride. I am not able to approve the comments you are leaving because of the way I have to get through to wordpress.com. Because it is blocked in China. I will have to do it when I return to the USA. I just want you all to know that I am getting them and enjoying reading them as well.

These are fish nets.


These are Hamhocks. It is not good to be a pig in China. Never the less we are feeling hungry and it is time to search out lunch.


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