Skyline of Shanghai

Shanghai is 75 miles by 75 miles and wall to wall high rise buildings. The first photo shows the tallest building in Shanghai in process of being built. It is just left of center. The following photos will be taken from the top of the building on the left of the new building 88 floors up. The tallest building will be 124 floors high and will be the third to fourth tallest in the world. Having a fear of heights was something to look out and see window washers on the outside windows 1000’s of feet from the ground. Not a job I could handle. This city has been quite interesting to say the least. We are great full to live in the USA.

The following picture is from the 88th floor to try and show how big a city Shanghai really is. Enjoy the view through the smog……..


The river coming up from the bottom right and curving toward the It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. ….. BundAtNight. The Bund river.

Here are the Window washer’s. I zoomed in on them but from distance they are only the size of an ant.

OK, now can you see the little white dot toward the top of the bottle opener looking building?  That little white dot is the window washers.



Now on our way for dinner to Thai Food

DSC00022 DSC00026Ran into some ladies dancing in the streets so I joined in.


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