Day 1 and 2

I am told that Shanghai is the most modern and safest place in China. So we are taking advantage of this opportunity for eating and shopping as we will have to be more careful when we leave. Still trying to catch up with sleep. On our first day we hit the Pearl Market and the Tailors to see about having a few things made to bring back home. Second day we met with an old friend Andy Lai. I actually hired Andy at Hewlett Packard in the mid 80’s. He also worked for Lance for quite awhile and Lance sent him to China. Andy has done quite well with the company and has currently 2000 people working for him. HP has over 8,000 people working in China. Andy and his driver picked us up at our building and took us to lunch. He ordered many different dishes just to give us a taste of China. Oh my. In the car he presented me with a special gift of a very special tea that comes from the top of a mountain. I need to find out more about it. We enjoyed our visit with Andy. He hopes to join us one day soon in Arizona. He has arranged for a driver to pick us up in Beijing to take us to a special restaurant that he and Lance went to 15 years ago.


Every few days we have a new floral arrangement in the lobby of the place we are staying

I went to the tailors with our host Mary and Minnie came with us to help in the language department. I had a couple of jackets and a Chi Pao made.  A Chi Pao means native madarin dress.  So I had a mandarin jacket and pajama pants made.

IMG_4321 DSC00016 DSC00017

Andy took Lance and I to a very nice restaurant and ordered everything that was on the menu.  I know he didn’t but it seemed like there were so many dishes that there was just no way we could eat them all.  Andy said he wanted us to sample China.  Boy! did we.

Day with Andy(6)Day with Andy (5)Day with Andy(10)Day with Andy (9)

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